A great lifestyle you can find at the table

Kitchen and well-being: two words that now entered the common language of everyday and that goes perfectly with the saying “A healthy mind in a healthy body”. Why to stay healthy you need to start it from, from what you eat at the table and that allows us to set a precise lifestyle.

It ‘important to understand how and what to feed us to have a proper intake of calories throughout the entire day, as dispose of them and what foods to eat at specific times. To illustrate all this, in Pescia, we think the chef Maurizio Torrigiani part of the “wellness” kitchen, one of the events dedicated to wine tasting inside the first Open Week Valdinievole to be held on 26, 27 and 28 more March 2 and 3 April.

The meeting is scheduled for Saturday, April 2 at 18 at the Hotel Santa Caterina Restaurant Pietrabuona in Pescia, “the foot” of the splendid Swiss Pescia, organized with the collaboration of the students of the Institute Hotelier “F.Martini” of Montecatini Terme.

At the end there will be a light dinner for a fee by appointment. For info: +39 328/1321245 (Carla Papini).

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