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The riches of the Museum of the Territory of Monsummano Terme

A special and unique place for its location, in the main square of Monsummano like Piazza Martini, and for its history. From Osteria used in the seventeenth century to house pilgrims who were going to visit the Sanctuary of Fontenuova a museum to pass on the traditions and peculiarities of the land that embraces Leonardo da Vinci and Pinocchio.

You can find this in the “Museum of the City and Territory“, one of the latest for implementation since the first opening in 1998. From Osteria a mirror of the territory, to “open book” to learn all that are were the settlements of the Valdinievole up to be a great place to promote research and studies.

From Padule the fossil record through some works of art of the treasures of Santuario della Fontenuova coming to the path that led to the industrial development of the Valdinievole and what he meant to this land immigration. These are just some of the issues that are inside the museum.

The Museum of the City Territory, together with the Museum of Casa Giusti and the MAC, N fall within the ordinary openings organized by the Municipality of Monsummano within the Week of the Open Program of the Valdinievole and will remain accessible all days of the initiative. For the full program, click here to consult.


Children’s hands to make a sheet of paper

That white that may startle, because they do not know how to fill it, but at the same time can also get excited. You can write, draw or print to a constant: it is in our lives everyday. It’s the sheet of paper.

He arrives in our hands ready to be used but as you build? For this the Paper Museum of Pescia realizes the exhibition “Families at the Museum of Paper: stories for all ages”, an educational workshop that allows children to learn some of the secrets of Master Cartai Pescia, known throughout the world for a tradition rooted in centuries. And the building of this leaflet will be accompanied by fantastic characters like Mr. Carton, Miss Paper foil and sweet Tissue Paper.

The proposed route is suitable for children aged between 6 and 10 years accompanied by an adult and has a cost of 5 Euros per participant. For reservations, send an email to

Activities relating to the Museum of the Charter are part of the first Open Week Valdinievole program and will take place Saturday, March 26 and Saturday, April 2 from 15.30 to 17 edited by ArtArte and Keras.

In the five days of events, the town of Pescia offers many opportunities to visit: discover the whole program of the Open Week of Valdinievole



A great lifestyle you can find at the table

Kitchen and well-being: two words that now entered the common language of everyday and that goes perfectly with the saying “A healthy mind in a healthy body”. Why to stay healthy you need to start it from, from what you eat at the table and that allows us to set a precise lifestyle.

It ‘important to understand how and what to feed us to have a proper intake of calories throughout the entire day, as dispose of them and what foods to eat at specific times. To illustrate all this, in Pescia, we think the chef Maurizio Torrigiani part of the “wellness” kitchen, one of the events dedicated to wine tasting inside the first Open Week Valdinievole to be held on 26, 27 and 28 more March 2 and 3 April.

The meeting is scheduled for Saturday, April 2 at 18 at the Hotel Santa Caterina Restaurant Pietrabuona in Pescia, “the foot” of the splendid Swiss Pescia, organized with the collaboration of the students of the Institute Hotelier “F.Martini” of Montecatini Terme.

At the end there will be a light dinner for a fee by appointment. For info: +39 328/1321245 (Carla Papini).

To discover all the other food and wine events, please visit the Open Week program.


Riding in the land of Leonardo and Pinocchio

Unique landscapes, in close contact with nature and variety of animals that are rarely found in other places in Italy. Just a bicycle, more or less professional, a little ‘training (but no need to be professionals) to immerse yourself in the itineraries designed specifically for the Open Week Valdinievole scheduled for 26, 27 and March 28 plus 2 and 3 April.

It is cycling routes starting and finishing at Montecatini Terme and that respectively touch the Porto delle Morette and the Casin del Lillo.

With the first destination, so called because in that area was once widespread the so-called duck “Moretta”, you reach one of the most important works from the engineering point of view of the Fucecchio Marsh realized in 1700.

The second target, however, in the Casin Lillo to Anchione, really quaint place because it is an ancient hunting station and the port from which the hunters were leaving themselves with the famous “punts” to go to, “barrels” camouflage emplacements flush water shooting.

Both routes were viewed and plotted on Garmin map, as you can see in the itineraries section.

For the construction of paths, we thank FIAB Friends of the Bicycle in Valdinievole.


“From Leonardo to Pinocchio”: The first Open Week Program in pills

Valdinievole counts 11 municipalities, with tens of thousands of inhabitants. Many these days have written things like “Amazing, I did not know there were this close to home!” or even “How can you do to visit these wonderful things?”.

It ‘s simple: the event guide will be distributed by WHAT’S’ extraordinary edition in Italian and English in 12,000 copies for the whole Valdinievole and in all the hotels for tourists, but if you can not find it, download the program synthesis from this link and scheduled an extraordinary visit to Montecatini Terme and Valdinievole, for I ° Open Week “from Leonardo to Pinocchio”

Download it below:

Press Conference Program